Wastewater Treatment with the BlueBox

For difficult Wastewater that otherwise has to be trucked.

Clean your own Wastewater with the BlueBox

Save time and money by cleaning your own wastewater with the BlueBox instead of having it trucked away.

Wastewater toilet cabins

For difficult Wastewater

The best solution for difficult and sludgy Wastewater.

Water after BlueBox

Clean and re-use

The BlueBox offers an easy way to clean and re-use very dirty liquid waste.

BlueBox instruments

Compact high-tech

The BlueBox is a complete Wastewater treatment system.

Waste Water as a Service

No need to buy a system from us.

You only pay for the actual quantity of cleaned water, so you save money from day one.

What kind of Wastewater can the BlueBox clean?

Our Container Systems are ideal for Wastewater from Rental Toilet Cabins, Waste Collection Companies, remote Labor Camps, and Pig Manure.

Rental Toilet Cabins

Rental Toilet Cabins

Vacum Truck

Vacuum Trucks

Remote Labor Camp

Remote Labor Camps

Pig Manure

Pig Manure

No Wastewater is too difficult for the BlueBox Ultra.

The BlueBox Ultra is our most powerful treatment system.

It has been developed for the most difficult wastewaters that cannot be treated with conventional methods.

Why is wastewater from toilet cabins so difficult?

We had to solve a number of different sub-problems to find a cost-efficient solution for this extraordinarily difficult wastewater. Not only are the pollutants about 50-100 times more concentrated than in normal municipal wastewater, but also the pH value is increased so strongly that a conventional biology can not survive.

Normal Wastewater

Municipal Wastewater

Normal wastewater is a piece of cake compared to highly concentrated wasteater from toilet cabins.

Wastewater toilet cabins

Wastewater from Toilet Cabins

The wastewater from rental toilet cabins is not diluted by any flush water and is therefore extremely concentrated.

The BlueBox is the only Solution that works for Rental Toilet Cabins

Reduction: Ammonia

Reduction: Chemical Oxygen Demand

per cubic meter

BlueBox Zurich

The BlueBox Ultra makes your life easier.

The BlueBox Ultra lets you treat the wastewater from your toilet cabins. No wastewater is too difficult for our most powerful BlueBox.
You can simply flush the treated water into the sewer – or better even re-use the cleaned water for other purposes.

BlueBox how it works
Chemical Oxygen Demand:


The BlueBox turns Wastewater into Water.

Bear witness to what the BlueBox does to extremely dirty wastewater.

Wastewater from rental toilet cabins

Municipal Wastewater

Treated water outflow Bluetector

Wastewater from Toilet Cabins

How it works.

By separating the bulk of the solids at the beginning of the treatment process with our pressing system, only dissolved solids have to be treated in the subsequent biological treatment phase.

Raw wastewater

COD: 10 000 mg/l
NH4-N: 3 000 mg/l

After pre-treatment

The solids are separated from the wastewater

Treated water

COD: 100 – 500 mg/l
NH4-N: 30 – 40 mg/l


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    Strong Reduction of Chemical Oxygen Demand

    The high COD load of wastewater from toilet cabins of about 10’000 – 12’000 mg/l is reduced by 95% to around 100 – 500 mg/l.

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    Almost complete Removal of Ammonia

    The extremely high Ammonia load of 3’000 – 4’000 mg/l is reduced by 99% to around 30-40 mg/l.

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    Purely biological Treatment Process

    The BlueBox is powered by a novel biological process that has been developed by Bluetector. This results in very low operating costs.

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    No Reverse Osmosis

    The BlueBox does not use any reverse osmosis filtration. Therefore all of the treated water can be re-used – there is no reject water.


Who we are.

Bluetector is a Cleantech company that has developed a novel biological treatment process for difficult wastewater. A patent has been issued to Bluetector for its new wastewater treatment system, the BlueBox. The BlueBox has been developed to treat problematic wastewaters, such as wastewater from rental toilet cabins, pig manure or wastewater that contains chemicals or toxins.

The company was founded in 2012 by David Din. Bluetector AG is a privately held company and is headquartered at the Technopark Lucerne in Switzerland.

Wastewater is our Passion.
We are dedicated on offering our clients an environmentally friendly and low-cost solution to clean and re-use their water instead of having to dump it, simply by cleaning it with the BlueBox system. The BlueBox offers an easy way to clean and re-use very dirty liquid waste.

The Bluetector team has spent many years treating very difficult wastewaters from totally different industries. We understand the problems that our clients have with their wastewater while having to run their daily business. Wastewater is our passion, and we are here to help you.


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