The BlueBox Ultra turns hog manure into clean water.

Bear witness to what the BlueBox does to concentrated pig manure.

Wastewater from rental toilet cabins

Inflow: Pig Manure

Treated water outflow Bluetector

Outflow: Cleaned Water

The BlueBox Ultra

Pig Manure Treatment – with the BlueBox Ultra

Built for the most low-cost treatment of pig manure. And for any other hard-to-treat wastewater with extremely high concentrations of pollutants and nutrients.

Manure Treatment

Pig Manure

Bluetector focuses on the treatment of pig manure and wastewater from mobile toilet cabins. These very similar wastewaters are hard to treat due to their extremely high concentrations of pollutants and nutrients. Today manure has become difficult to get rid of, and pig farms are forced to transport the manure over hundreds of miles across Europe – at very high costs.

BlueBox Ultra

Our product is the BlueBox Ultra, a container-based treatment system that can be used by pig farms to clean their manure on their own site at very low costs. Bluetector enables pig farms to significantly reduce their costs to dispose of their manure. The BlueBox Ultra is the only market ready product that can treat manure at very low costs.

Rental toilet cabins

Rental toilet cabins have to pay very high discharge fees to get rid of their wastewater, but still treatment plants are refusing this wastewater more and more.


The world leader in rental toilet cabins has already ordered several BlueBoxes from Bluetector and is planning a roll-out of over hundred BlueBoxes over the next few years.

Hard-to-treat wastewater has just become easier.

The BlueBox Ultra is our most powerful treatment system.

It has been developed for the most difficult wastewaters with high pollutant and nutrient concentrations that cannot be treated cost-efficiently with conventional methods.

What kind of Wastewater can the BlueBox Ultra clean?

The BlueBox Ultra is ideal for pig manure and wastewater from mobile toilet cabins.

Rental Toilet Cabins

Pig Manure

Vacum Truck

Mobile Toilet Cabins

Why is pig manure such a huge problem?

Large pig farms on small parcels of land produce an exorbitant amount of wastewater with nutrients that are rendered useless as a fertilizer. With nowhere for the manure to go, farms must either transport it over hundreds of miles to fields that can absorb the nutrients or create “manure lagoons”.
Manure lagoons release toxic gases and can cause groundwater pollution from pollutants and nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, organic matter, antibiotics, pesticides, and diseases that leach into the groundwater and land.

Why is pig manure so hard to treat?

We had to solve a number of different problems to find a cost-efficient solution for this extraordinarily difficult wastewater. Not only are the pollutants and nutrients up to 100 times more concentrated than in normal municipal wastewater, but also the pH value is increased so strongly that a conventional biology cannot survive.

Normal Wastewater

Municipal Wastewater

Normal wastewater is a piece of cake compared to highly concentrated wasteater from pig manure.

Wastewater toilet cabins

Pig Manure

Pig manure is often not diluted by any flush water and is therefore extremely concentrated.

Clean your pig manure with the BlueBox Ultra

Save time and money and protect the valuable land resources of your property by cleaning your pig manure with the BlueBox Ultra.

Wastewater toilet cabins

Built for pig manure

The best solution for the treatment of pig manure.

Water after BlueBox

Clean and re-use

The BlueBox Ultra offers an easy way to clean and re-use pig manure.

BlueBox instruments

Compact high-tech

The BlueBox Ultra is a complete Wastewater treatment system.

Wastewater as a Service

In some locations we are able to offer rental solutions without the need to to buy a system.

You only pay for the actual quantity of cleaned water, so you save money from day one.

Please ask us about rental availabilities for your location.

The BlueBox Ultra is the only Solution that works for Pig Manure

Reduction: Nitrogen

Reduction: Chemical Oxygen Demand

Treatment costs of
¢ 99
per gallon

BlueBox Zurich

The BlueBox Ultra makes your life easier.

The BlueBox Ultra lets you treat your pig manure.
The treated water can be re-used for irrigation and for cleaning the stables.

BlueBox how it works
Chemical Oxygen Demand:


How it works.

By separating the bulk of the solids at the beginning of the treatment process with our pressing system, only dissolved solids have to be treated in the subsequent biological treatment phase.

Raw wastewater

COD: 10 000 mg/l
NH4-N: 3 000 mg/l

After pre-treatment

The solids are separated from the wastewater

Treated water

COD: 100 – 500 mg/l
NH4-N: 30 – 40 mg/l


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    Strong Reduction of Chemical Oxygen Demand

    The high COD load of pig manure of about 10’000 – 20’000 mg/l is reduced by 95% to around 100 – 500 mg/l.

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    Almost complete Removal of Nitrogen

    The extremely high nitrogen load of 3’000 – 4’000 mg/l is reduced by 99% to around 30-40 mg/l.

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    Purely biological Treatment Process

    The BlueBox Ultra is powered by a novel biological process that has been developed by Bluetector. This results in very low operating costs for electricity of 2 cents per gallon of pig manure.

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    No Reverse Osmosis

    The BlueBox Ultra does not use any reverse osmosis filtration. Therefore all of the treated water can be re-used – there is no reject water.


Conventional methods to deal with manure

The most used technology to get rid of manure is biogas production. However, due to its low energy content pig manure is not well suited for biogas production and requires the addition of additional feed sources in order to produce energy – which makes it costly.

But the real problem is this: the remaining liquid digestate after treatment of manure in a biogas plant has even higher concentrations of nutrients – and therefore causes even more eutrophication in areas where there already is an oversupply of nutrients.

Runoffs from biogas plants cause as much environmental problems as the original manure itself, as nitrogen and phosphorous are not reduced.

Biogas production with manure does not create a lots of energy and does not solve the problem of excess nutrients.
Today’s other treatment possibilities for pig manure are either nitrogen stripping or membrane treatment – but the operational costs of these solutions are much too high to make them commercially viable. Which is why manure is not being treated – but simply stored in lagoons.

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